A great time in Korea !

JW.Kim - The master of desaster Time to eat - Mr.SAP and JW Mr.Kim at the fish market ! Lunch at the beach - Mr.JW.Kim and Mr.Bae

Kim's special Benchmarking Prague 2002 !

Fishermen's friend Mr.B. Prost ! His new job ... after SAP ...my new job

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A typical SAP meal at midnight... ...consultants are alway hungry...SAP project members ...and the others as well...SAP project members ..looking for fresh fish...Mr.Schnaak Have you signed my Guestbook today ?
...no Soju here ... ...Korean break...Mr.Bae, Mr.Kim, and Mr.Rossbach, the fabulous singer from Germany! ...my boat ! My bodyguards - Mr.Bae and Mr.Kim...I had a very good time with them !!!

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Michael Schumacher ???? David Coulthard ???? ...my car !


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Hoon, Duck and friends

Duck's girlfriend Happy birthday Duck !!!! What a beautiful lady - Hoon Duck+ boyfriend
Our famous Mr.Bae with Hoon, girlfriend and Duck Smile....Hoon and girlfriend I feel good !!!  Me in the middle of 3 nice ladies !!! korea19.jpg
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